You call The Solar Eclipse Marathon an Adventure Marathon - what is that?


The Albatros Travel Adventure Marathon is a physically demanding marathon that will take runners to a whole new level. Even experienced marathon runners will be pushed to perform the athletic feat of their lives in one of our Adventure Marathons. A typical Adventure Marathon course will follow the classic marathon distance of 42.195 km but certain elements must be in place before a run can be termed an Adventure Marathon. Rough terrain, uneven surfaces, abrupt ascents and other small obstructions are all a part of the course. And the average time for running the course must exceed 4.5 hours and no more than 10% of runners can clock less than 3 hours and 15 minutes.

Additionally, this type of marathon is characterised by a location of magnificent scenery and unique cultural atmosphere.  Apart from the one-time event of  The Solar Eclipse Marathon, four Adventure Marathons are run each year: The Great Wall Marathon in China, The Big Five Marathon in South Africa, the Petra Marathon in Jordan and The Polar Circle Marathon in Greenland. Find out more:



The Solar Eclipse Marathon - the experience of a lifetime




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