Facts about Australia


Before departure

A few weeks before the marathon, you’ll receive an email containing all the practical details you need to know about the Solar Eclipse Marathon and your stay in Port Douglas.


Passport and visa

Make sure your passport is valid and that you have a valid visa to enter Australia (including electronic visas). Before entering Australia, you are required to complete and sign an Incoming Passenger Card, including a health and character declaration. For more information on visas and travel documents, please look at the official Australian Government website here.



There are no recommended vaccinations for travelling to Australia. However, all travellers are advised to ensure that tetanus and polio vaccinations are kept up to date. There is no malaria risk in Australia and no preventive measures are required. The World Health Organisation certified Australia as being malaria free in 1981. We advise you to follow your doctor’s recommendations.


Travel Insurance

All participants are required to have valid travel insurance.



For information on weather conditions, look here. Read more about Port Douglas weather.


Cairns Airport

Travellers are expected to declare for inspection any food, plant material and animal products before entering Australia. For a full list, please look here for what you must declare on arrival.


Time zone

Port Douglas and Cairns are located in the Australia Eastern Standard Time (EST) zone which is +10 hours to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). For more information on Australian time zones, look here.


Transfers in Port Douglas

The coaches used for transfers are modern, air-conditioned vehicles.



Since tipping is not a common practice, tips are not expected, but given on a voluntary basis.


Currency and credit cards

The local currency is Australian Dollar (AUD or A$) and international credit cards are accepted in most restaurants and shops.



Australia uses 220/240 voltage, AC 50Hz with three-pin power outlets. Most hotels have a limited amount of adapters for guests to borrow.


Telephone and internet

To make an international call from Australia, dial 0011 followed by the country code of the country you want to call. For the police, fire department or ambulance, dial 000. There is good cellular coverage in city areas, but coverage might not be possible or stable in more remote areas. Check with your mobile phone provider for international rates. Internet access is available in most hotels.


Drinking water

Tap water is safe to drink in most places.



Smoking is prohibited during all coach transfers. Smoking indoors in restaurants and other public places are also prohibited.




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