Rainforest Habitat Wildlife Sanctuary


Rainforest Habitat Wildlife Sanctuary


The Sanctuary

Experience a tropical rainforest ecosystem with this special Solar Eclipse Marathon tour of the Rainforest Habitat Wildlife Sanctuary. Located in Port Douglas, the Sanctuary, spanning eight acres of land, is the ultimate place for an exotic nature experience. Guests will experience endangered species such as the Lumholtz Tree Kangaroo and the Southern Cassowary. A unique attribute of this wildlife sanctuary is that it allows its visitors to dine with the exotic animals in an open-air restaurant nestled in the heart of the grounds.

Three unique ecosystems in one

The Rainforest Habitat Wildlife Sanctuary features three unique Australian environments: The Wetlands, the Grasslands and the Rainforest. Timber boardwalks at different levels allow guests to experience the Sanctuary from either the dense forest floor or the canopy of the trees. Observe the Jabiru, the dancing giant water bird in the Wetlands, the Boyd’s Forest Dragon in the Rainforest and in the Grasslands, view the Eastern Grey Kangaroos.

Dining with the animals

For early risers, ‘Breakfast with the Birds’ provides a unique opportunity to enjoy the first meal of the day among chattering parrots and inquisitive cockatoos within the Wetlands environment. ‘Lunch with the Lorikeets’ is a tropical buffet featuring reef fish, exotic fruits and local cheese, accompanied by lorikeets, herons, curlews and many other birds.


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