Race package



To enter The Solar Eclipse Marathon or Half Marathon, participants need to purchase a race package. The package includes international standard time-keeping and experienced English-speaking race officials, as well as an English-speaking medical team. Water stations will be available at approximately every 2.5km along the route. Some stations will also provide energy drinks and bananas.

If you want to bring personal supplies along, these can be deposited at selected stations located at approximately the 5km,15km, 25km and 30km marks for the full marathon and at the 5km and 10km marks for the half marathon. The medical team will be patrolling the route along with the race officials.

If you have any questions regarding the race package, please get in touch with us and we'll be happy to help!


The Solar Eclipse Marathon race package includes:

  •         Entry to The Solar Eclipse Marathon or Half Marathon
  •         Supplies on the route which include water, energy drinks and bananas
  •         Medical team with doctors and paramedics from St. John's Ambulance
  •         Time taking with chip timing system
  •         Specially-designed Solar Eclipse Marathon medal
  •         Personal runner photos and video from Marathon Photos
  •         Certificate from Marathon Photos
  •         Top quality functional running T-shirt 

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